Witness Slips for Illinois General Assembly Hearings



What is a Witness Slip?
A witness slip is an on-line form that allows citizens to make their support or opposition known to Illinois House or Senate committee members during a hearing and can be submitted without physically attending the hearing.  Completing an on-line witness slip is quick and easy.

How do I submit a witness slip on-line?
In most cases, advocacy groups will provide you with a direct link to the appropriate witness slip. If not, visit https://my.ilga.gov/  to locate the hearing and click the witness slip link.

How can I find a listing of scheduled hearings in the Illinois House and Senate?

  • Visit here for House Hearings
  • Click here for Senate Hearings

Witness Slip Guide with suggested choices:

  • Enter your name, complete address and phone number
  • Firm/Business or Agency:
    • Enter Self
    • If you are associated with an organization, enter the name of the organization
  • Title
    • Enter NA or a title If you are associated with an organization
    • Do not use special characters such as /
  • Representation:
    • Enter Self
    • If you are representing an organization, enter the name of the organization
  • Position
    • Original Bill (Or the amendment if applicable) – Opponent or Proponent
  • Testimony
    • Record Of Appearance Only
  • Please Agree to the Terms of Agreement
    • I agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement
  • Create Slip

Can I make this process easier if I plan on submitting future Witness Slip?

Yes, You can create an ILGA account here.


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