350Kishwaukee 350Kishwaukee, June 1, 2015


 SierraClub and 350.org are organizing this event to focus attention on the growing number of people who are opposed to having Keystone XL type pipelines transporting tar sands mixed with poisonous chemicals running through the Midwest.  Two of these pipelines (#13 and#61) run under agriculture fields in DeKalb County and come very close to our cities and towns.  The chemicals in both Line 13 and Line 61 include:Benzene, cyclohexane, cyclopentane, i-pentane, methylcyclohexane, methylcyclopentane, n-butane, n-heptane, n-Hexane, n-Pentane, Toluene, Hydrogensulfide, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes.  The Canadian corporations are sending the tar sands through the United States because Canadians don’t want these toxic materials in their back yards.

According to the email distributed by The Sierra Club about the Tar Sands ResistanceMarch

“It’s not just Keystone XL. Big Oil is trying to build and expand an enormous network of tar sands pipelines — some even bigger than Keystone XL –from Canada into the Midwest. These tar sands pipelines, along with crude oil trains and tankers, pose a growing risk to the Great Lakes, our rivers, our communities and our climate.

That’s why on June 6, thousands will gather in the Twin Cities for the Tar Sands Resistance March — the largest anti-tar sands event ever in the region. We are coming together to send a clear message: keep toxic tar sands out of America’s Heartland, fight for clean water, clean energy, and a safe climate!”

The Tar Sands Resistance March willbe Saturday, June 6, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Minnesota

State Capitol Lawn, 75 Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155

350Kishwaukee is arranging for a bus with a few of the other organizations whose members will want to attend.

Our next meeting will be May 15 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the DeKalb Area Women’s Center (DAWC), 1021 State Street in DeKalb.  The meeting will focus on the Enbridge, Inc pipelines #13 and #61.

Dave and Sandra Davis attended the 350Madison conference on the pipeline and have done extensive research on these pipelines.  Sandra and Meryl interviewed three of the farmers who have the pipelines under their land. We will give a slide presentation at this meeting. In addition we will share a Kishwaukee River watershed map that shows the pipelines’ exact locations.

May 29 7:00 – 9:00 at DAWC, 1021 State Street, DeKalb. Making Art inConnection with our EARTH. We will be creating posters for the March. Contact  Meryl for more information (815 758-4827).

June19 7:00 – 9:00 at DAWC Topic to be announced closer to the meeting.

 June29  MakingART in Connection with Our EARTH

Join in an art making session during DeKalb Area Women’s Center Open House to make art to acknowledge the need for all of us to change our relationship with Planet EARTH.  We will have a variety of papers and recycled materials including boxes, cups, various plastics, and miscellany, and glue, and some tape.  Bring your own materials or share ours.  Children over age 8 are welcome if they bring an adult and are making art.

The DeKalb Area Women’s Center is generously allowing 350Kishwaukee to use their meeting spaces.  The Center is not a sponsor or affiliated with 350.

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When I called for a conversation on climate February 13 I had no idea how fruitful a group would come out of that meeting.  At the time I was reading Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate(Simon & Schuster, 2014).  Klein wrote that the world needs a social movement that continues “the unfinished business of liberation (p. 459)” to address climate change and that begins with individuals taking action. Our group is a beginning step towards that social movement.  Here are some of the activities we have done since February:

o       Made a connection with NIU’s student group Green PAWS. Dave and Sandy Davis, Jack Reich, & Meryl Domina had a table for 350Kishwaukee at their Green BASH on Apr 17.

o       350Kishwaukee had a table at the Northern Illinois University Campus Recreation Earth Day Cleanup & Picnic on April 22 Sandy and Dave helped with the clean-up.

o       Green PAWS is currently sponsoring a DIVESTMENT movement at NIU to encourage the University not invest in fossil fuel companies.

o       Green PAWS in cooperation with Melissa Burlingame from NIU’s Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy will sponsor a September NIU forum on the tar sands pipelines in DeKalb County.

o       We have connected with Forest City 350 in Rockford.

o       Dave led two workshops on the pipeline and divesting from fossil fuels at the Rockford Urban Ministries Peace and Urban Justice Workshops.

o       Meryl hosted a potluck with Dave and Sandra and representatives from Forest City 350,Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, Sierra Club NVOF, and Elgin Green Group (EGG).

o       Jack has been encouraging people to sign the Climate Mobilization Pledge.

o       Anna Marie Coveny has welcomed our 350Kishwaukee meetings and the art making nights at the DeKalb Area Women’s Center (however, we are not affiliated with DAWC).

o       Dave,Sandra, Anna Marie, and Meryl met with Mark Pietrowski, DeKalb County Board President, to ask some questions concerning pipelines 13 and 61.

o       We have became a subgroup of the organization 350 and have launched a 350Kishwaukee facebook page.

Please feel forward to post and share this information.

Meryl Greer Domina

Illinois is Canada’s New Super Highway for Tar Sands


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350 is the measure of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Our ability to rapidly reduce this critical number will determine our ability to survive on Earth.