Introduction Consequences of the climate Crisis Are Climate and Weather the Same Why We Are Experiencing Changes in Our Weather Human-Caused Climate Change and Insurance Human-Caused Climate Change and Extreme Heat The Human-Caused Climate Impact on Public Health Put together by Meryl Greer Domina, This has no copyright so it can be copied (More...)

Meryl Greer Domina

Subject: Wind Energy Every night, my husband and I watch the network news. We watch people weep because their homes have been flattened. Their trees, which would usually be burning with color this time of year, have been uprooted, some of them slicing into power lines, and some landing on standing homes and cars. We (More...)

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Editor’s Note:  350Kishwaukee blogger Bonnie Amesquita expresses, through poetry, her personal struggle to adapt to a Red-hot Planet and the extremes of anthropogenic climate change: Breathe these days when your chest burns while climbing stairs walking treadmills traveling the neighborhood on hot days you long for air that comes easy without thought like when you (More...)

Authors Bonnie Amesquita Personal Experience