Call to Action: – Flood the DAPL Hearing Room in Chicago March 5

Note: This is the same Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) that attracted worldwide attention for Blackwater abuses at Standing Rock. Now the pipeline company is asking to double the flow through the same pipe.  Please join Dr. James Hansen, Sierra Club National, SOIL, NRDC, and other supporting orgs in opposing this expansion project in Illinois.

Call to Action: If you are willing and able, please help us flood the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) hearing room Thursday 3/5/2020 to send a message that the public does not want more North Dakota fracked oil pumped through Illinois to the Gulf Coast for export. See hearing details below.  Click here for the facebook event.  Since planners are estimating number of attendees and if you are willing, please register for the event here.

Additional Information: Planners have other events planned for the early Thursday morning, so if possible please arrive early to make sure you will have a seat in the hearing.  Dr. James Hansen is a witness who submitted testimony opposing the doubling of the DAPL pipeline flow. Although not yet confirmed, he will testify at the hearing if called by the pipeline company.

Why is this important to the Public? The flood of climate emergency warnings such as the UN Gap Report demand that remaining fossil fuels remain in the ground. Of course the fact that in Southern Illinois, this increased pressure will force nearly twice the originally approved flow through a pipeline built in 1947 is also a concern. There are many other reasons to oppose this project – click here for more information in the letter to Governor Pritzker. One final reason becomes clear by following the papers filed in this ICC case. Company witnesses originally argued that the fracked oil would benefit the Illinois public. When challenged with facts, they said it would benefit the US. However, facts showed that the company is planning to build an offshore port for loading supertankers and industry experts predicted that virtually all the oil would be for export.  The company, which is a public utility in Illinois, now argues that exporting virtually all the ND fracked oil to other countries will benefit the public.

Public Hearing Details:
Thursday, March 5, 2020 9:00 AM
Illinois Commerce Commission
Main Hearing Room
160 North LaSalle Street
Eighth Floor, State of Illinois Building
Chicago, Illinois 60601

This building is adjacent to the James R Thompson Center.

Currently, there is another public hearing scheduled Friday, March 6, 2020 9:00 AM at the same location only if the schedule requires another day of testimony.

While the public is welcome to watch both hearings, ILClimateActivists moderators feel that substantial numbers in attendance at the opening of the first hearing would send a strong signal to the ICC that the Illinois public is watching.

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