Tentative Lineup

  Celebrate the Renewable Energy Transition with EVs – 2019

    • DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith – Welcoming remarks
    • Charles (Chuck) Frank – The importance of the conversion to EVs by an automobile industry professional and environmental champion
    • Lee Gasper-Galvin – Advantages of driving electric, Tesla overview, autonomous vehicles, and more
    • Paul Stoddard – Recharging EVs with clean electricity, all about battery technologies, a future with electrified roadways, and more
    • Clare Kron – Detriments of fossil fuel-burning vehicles, environment benefits of EVs, EVs as an Illinois job creator, current Illinois legislation, $ savings of EV ownership, and more

Illinois is Canada’s New Super Highway for Tar Sands


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350 is the measure of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Our ability to rapidly reduce this critical number will determine our ability to survive on Earth.