Bonnie Amesquita Bonnie Amesquita, July 8, 2018

Editor’s Note:  350Kishwaukee blogger Bonnie Amesquita expresses, through poetry, her personal struggle to adapt to a Red-hot Planet and the extremes of anthropogenic climate change:

these days when your chest burns
while climbing stairs
walking treadmills
traveling the neighborhood
on hot days

you long for air that
comes easy
without thought
like when you were

how you’d send dandelion seeds
flying with a casual puff of wind
and chase fireflies after dark
when summer air was silken
cool and damp

back then you filled your lungs
with the scent of sweet grass
or your mother’s Chanel
inhaled the aroma of fresh-baked bread
the smell of rain-soaked earth

you ran to catch the ice cream truck
reveled in games that
made you sweat
you were free and the last thing on your mind
was figuring out how to breathe

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350 is the measure of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Our ability to rapidly reduce this critical number will determine our ability to survive on Earth.