Meryl Greer Domina Meryl Greer Domina, June 23, 2015

Living Forward in Times of Climate Change
Adult Co-Op Camp at Circle Pines Center
Monday, Aug. 31 – Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015

Living Forward in Times of Climate Change is an opportunity to join with others and learn how to live in accordance with Nature, our Earth, each other, and for future generations. The week will focus our attention on the four elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire through discussion and sharing, and learning from content experts. We will explore how co-ops can lead us from capitalism to a more equitable and sustainable cooperative society. We will exchange ideas on how we can reduce our own carbon footprint and be more effective in our home communities. We will make a commitment to live what we have learned.

The format of Living Forward in Times of Climate Change will include scheduled talks, formal and informal discussions, demonstrations, work projects, and creative ceremonies. The work projects might include the garden, weather-proofing a building, making and using a solar cooker, and other simple construction. As always you will have options of leisure activities.

Circle Pines Center (CPC), an educational and recreational co-operative governed by members, offers a week-long Adult Camp in its beautiful setting.  CPC’s camp model has always been one of co-operative participation in music, chores, learning, the arts, work projects, and leisure. Our camp activities include swimming and boating at our spring-fed Lake Stewart, hiking, the arts, singing, Chi Gong, Breathe and Stretch, ceremonies, and camp fires. Our meals are healthy and delicious. They are prepared on site using fresh ingredients from local sources and our organic garden. Meals are served family style. We all participate in set-up, clean-up, composting, and recycling chores.

Living Forward in Times of Climate Change has a FACEBOOK page so join with us in dialogue. Post your questions and experiences. Suggest solutions, and actions we can adapt to our own life now. Make connections with other people who are concerned about the harm we are doing both to other people and to our Earth. Join the discussion of how our present economic system is inadequate for the changes we all need to make to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for all beings—including the disenfranchised and the World’s Future Generations! Think of this FACEBOOK page as a part of the collaborative movement of individuals and groups now mobilizing around the world. Find us on Facebook at Circle Pines Center Co-Op Adult Camp.

Accommodations for this Adult Co-Op Camp include staying in Swallows Lodge, cabins with a shared bathhouse, or tent camping. Participants need to bring their own bedding and towels. (If this is not possible let us know in advance and we can rent them to you.) Campers need to bring their own tents. We will all eat three meals together daily in the Farmhouse Dining Room. Depending on the weather many of the talks and demonstrations can be outside.

For more information on Circle Pines Center see, call (269) 623-5555 or write For questions on this particular program, transportation, or to car pool; call Meryl at (815) 758-4827. CPC is halfway between Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids.

RATES 7-day Camp for non-members costs $525 to $675 (depending on accommodations), camping or day rate with meals $405. Weekend only for non-members costs $175 to $225, camping or day rate with meals $135. Some scholarships and work exchange may be available.

CIRCLE PINES CENTER 8650 Mullen Road, Delton, Michigan 49046 (269) 623-5555

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