Bonnie Amesquita Bonnie Amesquita, October 21, 2018

Subject: Wind Energy
Every night, my husband and I watch the network news. We watch people weep because their homes have been flattened. Their trees, which would usually be burning with color this time of year, have been uprooted, some of them slicing into power lines, and some landing on standing homes and cars. We hear reports of whole communities left without light or heat or air. Hospitals can’t provide their patients with oxygen. Vital surgeries are postponed: There’s no power to do the work that will heal the wounded and the sick.
Young and old suffer. They are considered mere statistics, or at best, sound bites. But ask them who they are and what they’re suffering, and they’ll tell you. Nature isn’t an abstraction to them. It’s a funnel cloud. It’s a flood that destroys memories, heirlooms, the pride and comforts of home. Climate change is caused by fossil fuel industries. Because of fossil fuels, air quality has been severely compromised. Our air temperatures challenge us to such a degree that we end spending summers inside with the air conditioner cranked up; in the winter months, we crank up the heat. Many children are struggling with asthma in extreme 100+ degree heat, or with cold that seems to frost their breath and challenge their ability to breathe in and out.
I am not a scientist. I am just somebody who is vulnerable to and worried about the changes I’ve encountered as a result of climate change. I have COPD and am living on a fixed income. Breathing has become a struggle for me in summer and winter. My utility bills are growing with each passing season.
I want clean energy—affordable, clean energy. I want us to tap the wind, water, and sun to help us fuel our energy needs. My life depends on it. All of our lives do.

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