350Kishwaukee normally meets on the last Monday of the month at the DeKalb Public  Library.
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Celebrate the Renewable Energy Transition – 2019


Monday, July 29, 2010 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Huntley Park – Three blocks south of Route 38 (E Lincoln Hwy)
between S 2nd and S 3rd Streets
401 S 2nd St, DeKalb, IL 60115

Organized by
DeKalb Citizens’ Environmental Commission

Event Partners
League of Women VotersDeKalb Stands,
Sierra Club Blackhawk Group,
Rockford Coalition for a Sustainable Future

Event Funding Provided by
Joe McClintock, Certified Energy Consultant, Vivint Solar

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See ELECTRIC Assist Bicycles, an Electric Motorcycle,
a lithium battery powered commercial Riding Lawnmower,
and Electric Autos including the Bolt, Leaf, and Tesla Model 3

Music with Dave “DK” Kolars

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Come hear local and regional leaders discuss climate change, how states including Illinois can help transition to renewable energy, the transition to battery powered transportation, and more.

Bring your lawn chair or blanket

Organized by 350Kishwaukee
Contact 350Kishwaukee@gmail.com

Foreign Pipeline Intervenor Training

Watch this Space for Upcoming Training

 In January of 2017, the foreign pipeline company, Enbridge, again announced that it is coordinating development activities for a new pipeline to run within one mile of DeKalb and within a few hundred feet of Belvidere. The announcement appeared in their January Investment Community Presentation and would parallel the existing tar sands pipeline running through Boone, DeKalb, LaSalle, and Livingston Counties, a pipeline with capacity approximately equal to the proposed Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines combined.  The new pipeline would potentially double that capacity, making Illinois the superhighway for transporting Canadian tar sands bitumen to the Gulf Coast for export.

In Illinois, the pipeline approval process in the past has primarily involved only parties with a direct financial interest in the project, from the pipeline company to landowners. We think the public should have a strong voice in the process.  In our training sessions, we will show you how to participate in the legal pipeline approval process.

If you oppose additional foreign tar sands export pipelines in Illinois, or if you think foreign companies should not be able to seize land rights, or if you are concerned about pipeline safety, join us in these exercises in democracy.

Sponsored by SOIL (Save Our Illinois Land), and 350Kishwaukee
Contact SaveOurIllinoisLand@gmail.com or 350Kishwaukee@gmail.com

Divest NIU

A campaign to urge Northern Illinois University Foundation to not invest in coal, oil, and gas companies
Email 350Kishwaukee@gmail.com if you want to participate in the campaign
or host an event.

Illinois is Canada’s New Super Highway for Tar Sands


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350 is the measure of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Our ability to rapidly reduce this critical number will determine our ability to survive on Earth.


Subject: Wind Energy Every night, my husband and I watch the network news. We watch people weep because their homes have been flattened. Their trees, which would usually be burning with color this time of year, have been uprooted, some of them slicing into power lines, and some landing on standing homes and cars. We (More...)

Authors Bonnie Amesquita Personal Experience Wind Energy


Editor’s Note:  350Kishwaukee blogger Bonnie Amesquita expresses, through poetry, her personal struggle to adapt to a Red-hot Planet and the extremes of anthropogenic climate change: Breathe these days when your chest burns while climbing stairs walking treadmills traveling the neighborhood on hot days you long for air that comes easy without thought like when you (More...)

Authors Bonnie Amesquita Personal Experience